Bright Futures Campaign

Our New Building

Helen R. Walton Children’s Enrichment Center will continue to provide high-quality early education for 240 children, while serving as a model facility in both its building and program design in order to show what childcare centers can achieve for families, affordably.

The new Children’s Enrichment Center will feature:

  • A layout designed with children in mind to evoke curiosity and foster learning.
  • Blurred lines between indoor and outdoor learning.
  • The first early childhood program in the nation designed and constructed with an emphasis on a toxic-free environment using only the safest building materials.

We are partnering with Northwest Arkansas Community College (NWACC) to provide a lab school for their Early Childhood Education Program to empower students entering the field through real-life lab learning experiences.

The Early Childhood Initiatives Center will include a:

  • Training center to allow early childhood professionals to participate in training, view teacher-child interactions, and discuss observations.
  • Library, resource center, and technology hub.
  • Collaboration room to promote continuous improvement, best practices, and innovative solutions as a catalyst for change.

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A Story of Collaboration

In 2009, only 19% of early learning programs were accredited. Today, we’ve pushed that number to 69%.

There are still over 17,000 children in minimally licensed programs.

Moving the Needle

So far, we’ve raised $15.2 million. Track our progress and check out the key milestones we’ve hit along the way.

Our New Building

Tripling in size to over 8,700 square feet, you’ll love our new facility. With a new training center & complete library of teaching resources, we’re ready to develop the next generation of early childhood professionals.

“Why I Gave to ECIC”

Learn what drives the companies & individuals who are helping us achieve our goals.

Case for Support

The Bright Futures campaign will provide capital, program, and endowment support so that 100% of childcare centers in Northwest Arkansas become state quality accredited—ensuring that every young child has the opportunity to receive a high-quality education.