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Our family is native to Arkansas, and we just love Bentonville.  When we aren’t watching movies or playing games together, you can always find us working on our city farm taking care of the animals, in our garden or building another project.  I was fortunate to be able to stay home with my kids, but there are so many working families that need someone with the same interests in raising their young children.  Age 0-5 is such a vital time for proper development.  Early Education is an important issue and I believe it is the collective responsibility of all the companies and communities in our area.”  – Andrea Wilson

Our Partners


Arvest Foundation

Bob & Marilyn Bogle

Gary & Robin George

Pam & David Lightfoot

Doug & Shelley McMillon

Graham Park

Tom & Karen Schoewe

Sunderland Foundation

AMP Sign & Banner

Frank & Pat Bailey

Brett & Kara Biggs

Charles & Shannon Brewer

Juan & Marcy Camacho

Campbell’s Soup Company


The Cody-Shipley Family

Carl & Holly Crowe

Ryan & Megan Crozier

East Harding Construction

Will & Serina Faist

Greg & Ondrea Foran

Darrell & Heather McIntyre Froud

Johnelle Hunt

Maarten & Diane Jager

Clay & Karla Johnson

The Krafsky Family

Kutak Rock LLP

Larry & Wendy Lott

Meek’s Lumber

Nabholz Construction

Debby Thetford Nye & Catherine Lyon

Sharon & Craig Orlopp

Kyle & Maury Peterson

PPG Architectural Coatings

Sue & Charles Redfield

Blake & Lisa Riley & Family

Stephan & Catherine Roche

Sam’s Club

Dave & Becky Schoewe

Dick & Nancy Trammel


Jeremy & Andrea Wilson

Melinda Allen

Debbie Alsup

Michelle Barnes


Patsy & Joseph Bishop

Clete Brewer

BRR Architecture

Kim Burke

Trevor Drinkwater

Lance de la Rosa

Sandra Keiser Edwards

Sandi & Ted Fox

Stephanie Funk

Harrison & Rhonda French

David Galloreese

Josh & Lynsey Heffren

Volker Heimeshoff

Mr. & Mrs. Hilliard

Eric Howerton

J.M. Smucker Company

Peggy Lancaster

Qui & Sarah Le

Scott LeMaster

Limbird Real Estate Group

Lucia Llobet & J.R. Wildman

LTL Architects

Reed, Sarah, Norah & Harvey Luhtanen

The Mantel Family

James & Dawn Martin

Benjamin Meadors

Allison & Duane McElroy

Brandi McKinney

Mauri Myers

Jason Netter


The Oliphant Family

Tina Odom

Marcus & Cara Osborne

Theodore Payne

Pinnacle Media, LLC

Jennifer Price

Carli Rozencranz

SCA Tissue North America

Simplify Professional Services

Cindy & Jimmy Singleton

Craig Smith

Vicki Smith

Curt Stamp

Ina B. & Brant Turner

Carrie Uber

Mary Ann & Virgil Vanderpool

Walmart Museum

Chris Willbanks

Corey Williamson

Julie R. Wilson