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“Kum & Go believes all children deserve a safe and accessible, high-quality early childhood education. We support programs that have knowledgeable and trained educators, developmentally appropriate curricula, and environments that invite diversity and promote well-being. The Early Childhood Initiatives Center inspired us with their collaborative approach to ensure children are taught by well trained and supported teachers.”

–  Carrie Clogg, Director of Philanthropy, Kum & Go

Our Partners

Bob & Marilyn Bogle

Pam & David Lightfoot

Graham Park

Tom & Karen Schoewe

Pat Bailey

Charles & Shannon Brewer

Juan & Marcy Camacho

The Cody-Shipley Family

Carl & Holly Crowe

Ryan & Megan Crozier

East Harding Construction

Greg & Ondrea Foran

Chris & Connie Horton

Johnelle Hunt

Maarten & Diane Jager

The Krafsky Family

Kutak Rock LLP

Larry & Wendy Lott

Doug & Shelley McMillon


Debby Thetford Nye & Catherine Lyon

PPG Architectural Coatings

Charles & Susan Redfield

Blake & Lisa Riley & Family

Sam’s Club

SCA Tissue North America

Jeremy & Andrea Wilson

Melinda Allen

Debbie Alsup

Michelle Barnes


Patsy & Joseph Bishop

Clete Brewer

BRR Architecture

Kim Burke

Lance de la Rosa

Sandra Keiser Edwards

Sandi & Ted Fox

Stephanie Funk

Harrison & Rhonda French

Lynsey Heffren

Volker Heimeshoff

Mr. & Mrs. Hilliard

J.M. Smucker Company

Peggy Lancaster

Qui & Sarah Le

Limbird Real Estate Group

Lucia Llobet & J.R. Wildman

LTL Architects

Reed, Sarah, Norah & Harvey Luhtanen

Ken & Paula Mantel

James & Dawn Martin

Louis & Jennifer Martin

Allison & Duane McElroy

Brandi McKinney

Mauri Myers

Jason Netter

The Oliphant Family

Tina Odom

Sharon & Craig Orlopp

Marcus Osborne

Theodore Payne

Kyle & Maury Peterson

Jennifer Price

Carli Rozencranz

Dave & Becky Schoewe

Simplify Professional Services

Cindy & Jimmy Singleton

Craig Smith

Curt Stamp

Ina B & Brant Turner

Carrie Uber

Mary Ann & Virgil Vanderpool

Chris Willbanks

Corey Williamson

Michael Wilson