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Campaign Goal

$15.2 raised

Key Moments

Sub Contractor of the Month

We present an award each month to the subcontractor who has demonstrated one of our core values: commitment, integrity, excellence, leadership and diversity.

From the beginning of the project, Arco Excavation & Paving has had qualified, cooperative foremen who are willing to work on the weekends to mitigate weather delays. They have a personal interest in the quality of work they do, and their team approach is very evident and appreciated.

Mountain Mechanical has shown excellence through teamwork, cooperation, and consistently going above and beyond expectations to benefit the project as a whole. They are committed to the construction schedule, and have decreased installation times while consistently delivering high-quality workmanship.

Nabholz Concrete does all of the concrete work including footings, slabs, sidewalks, and any other site concrete.  Nabholz Concrete has had the perseverance to push through unfavorable conditions and work long hours, the attention to detail to deliver a high quality finished product, and the commitment to working safely.


When the ECIC opened in 2009, 19% of centers in NWA were quality accredited. To date, 69% of centers are quality accredited. All centers that have gained accreditation have been involved with the ECIC in some capacity.

Quality of Life

While NWA continues to rank as a premier job growth region, our community has identified access to high quality early childhood programs the top quality of life concern.

Early Childhood Education

The Northwest Arkansas Council includes early childhood education in the solution toward creating a demand driven workforce model.

Partnership with Ready Nation

ReadyNation leverages the experience, influence, and expertise of over 2,000 business executives to promote public policies and programs that build a stronger workforce and economy. Since 2006, ReadyNation members have made a bottom-line case for effective, bipartisan investments in children as the future workforce that will drive success in the global marketplace.

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