Early Childhood Center Spotlight

ANH Montessori School


At ANH Montessori School we believe learning is an exciting process.  From the moment we are born we begin the adventure of teaching ourselves about our world. A young child learns best in a “prepared environment” alongside a fully trained guide to help them grow to fulfill their greatest potential. In the Montessori Method all five senses are emphasized as a natural means to motivate a child’s innate and individual learning style. A child will gain and then “own” their right to lifelong learning through a profound ability to concentrate and a strong sense of self-discipline. As they master each new lesson, their self-confidence and self-worth will grow; leading to the desire to learn more.

Founded in 2006, ANH Montessori has grown from two guides and twelve students to a staff of eighteen and a current enrollment of 135 students in seven classrooms. Our guides and assistants offer our families a true Montessori education for their children. You will find our rooms spacious, environmentally conscious with lovely, engaging work areas filled with materials and lessons designed to captivate the student’s imagination and support his or her natural development.

Our mission is to cultivate the natural desire to learn.


Amanda Rumanik, Owner/Director

The Early Childhood Initiatives Center has supported ANH Montessori School by offering continuing education classes that keep us refreshed and up to date with current child development practices, provided supplies for various classroom projects, and opportunities for collaboration with others in the Early Childhood field. This is a partnership with an endless value.