Early Childhood Center Spotlight

Prism Education Center


Prism Education Center is a faith-based birth-12th grade education center that focuses on the development of the whole child. In our early child development center, this focus translates to an emphasis on developing healthy, intellectually inquisitive, confident children who are contributing members of their classroom community. Prism provides income-based tuition discounts to ensure students from all socio-economic backgrounds have access to our world-class education programs.

Misty Newcomb serves as the “hands-on” member of the Board of Directors for Prism Education Center. Prior to this, she served as the Chief of Staff for the Office for Education Policy, a service unit for policymakers and education leaders in Arkansas that operates out of the Department of Education Reform in the University of Arkansas. Throughout her professional career, Ms. Newcomb has served children and families through humanitarian and educational programs both in the United States and internationally. She is involved in service positions outside of Prism Education Center throughout the state of Arkansas. She serves on the management team of the Arkansas Chapter of the Global Leadership Interlink and on the Board of Directors for the Bright Path Foundation. She serves on the Arkansas State Council for AdvancEd.   Additionally, she is a Director inside of Congress-WBN’s Education and Human Development Sector.


Misty Newcomb, Executive Director

“The ECIC has been a tremendous asset to Prism Education Center by providing free or low-cost trainings that have meaningful impact on our faculty and staff. ECIC trainings provide valuable administrative and instructional resources that allow us to fulfill our mission and improve the life outcomes of children and families in Northwest Arkansas.”