Early Childhood Center Spotlight

Woodland Academy

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Woodland Academy is a private, Christian school set in a Reggio Emilia inspired environment.  We offer nurturing, respectful care and responsive, progressive education for children 0-12 years daily so that each child and his individual needs, personality and interests are at the center of his growth and development.

Families, that discover, explore and ultimately choose Woodland, enjoy the differences about our school.  You’ll notice the differences in the relationships, support, education, nutrition and care here at Woodland; but also in the confident, capable and strong natured children who attend our school.

At the heart of our school is relationships…first and foremost, a relationship with God and then relationships with others.  Children are encouraged to develop a relationship with God through Biblical study and immersion in a faith-filled education community.  Strong social/emotional skills that are biblically grounded are modeled, nurtured and encouraged throughout the day.  These strong attachments and social/emotional skills lend themselves to a rich learning community where collaboration, communication, expression, leadership and problem solving are cornerstones as we work and learn through inspiring constructivist and creative play.

For our children, a responsive, progressive education is important, but very different here at Woodland.  Families discover and enjoy the many opportunities to grow academically, spiritually, socially, and physically here.  You’ll find children and certified and degreed teachers playing, exploring, creating and discovering…all the while learning in our Reggio Emilia inspired environment.  You’ll find children exploring art using countless mediums to enhance and reflect their creativity, problem solving, academic pursuits and social skills.  As a Reggio Emilia inspired learning community, children enjoy open-ended experiences and projects rich with inquiry, creativity, investigation and representation.  Ours is an environment unlike any other in Arkansas!

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Cheryl Starek, Executive Director