Early Childhood Center Spotlight

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At Kindergrove we provide stability, consistency, and a fun environment for children ages 6 weeks to Pre-Kindergarten. Even our youngest attendees are immersed in language and foreign language development, sign language, and hands-on diverse activities. Our preschool-aged children are introduced to even more in-depth foreign language, the arts, dance, and fitness. All ages are provided with literacy, art, and sensory-rich activities incorporated into their daily play environment.

Safety is an extremely important part of the environment that Kindergrove provides. Kindergrove is committed to constantly learning new ways to keep safety a priority. Kindergrove provides state of the art fingerprint check-in/check-out stations, locked doors with key fob entry, secure fencing, and security cameras viewable by families. Safety and security is an important aspect of caring for and serving the families of our community.

Here at Kindergrove, our qualified staff of passionate Early Childhood Professionals possesses a nurturing love for the growing and learning young child. Kindergrove staff is known for treating the children as their own by mirroring love and compassion through creative teaching methods.  The staff of Kindergrove is treated as family and maintains close, professional relationships with their co-workers and families we serve.

Sonia Keith is the owner and director of Kindergrove and has a love for God, children, her family, and the community as a whole. Kindergrove was built as a family business from the ground up and had the incredible blessing of building their own center this past year. Our new facility is in the heart of Rogers with 10 classrooms, 2 large gross motor rooms, a large kitchen, office space, and 3 different outdoor play areas. Our facility sits on several acres surrounded by beautiful native Arkansas trees. Kindergrove has a fabulous Nutrition Director who serves healthy meals from scratch on a daily basis from the beautiful new Kitchen. Kindergrove believes in the value of a healthy lifestyle and we incorporate nutrition and health education into the children’s daily curriculum.

Kindergrove directors

“The Early Childhood Initiatives Center is a wonderful source for our community! Kindergrove uses it weekly for supplies, copies, and resources. The majority of the training Kindergrove staff take are through the ECIC. Kindergrove really enjoys the training offered through ECIC because we feel the ECIC is very personal and on point with exactly what we deal with every day. There are trainings for every early childhood professional!  It is so nice to be able to partner with them and get information about trainings, resources, community projects, and more. They make our job more pleasant and help make a positive work environment more attainable for everyone!”

Sonia Keith, Owner and Director