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An ECIC membership gives you and your organization access to tons of great perks, resources, and training. Here’s just a few!

Early Childhood Trainings (2-Hour Courses)$10/Person$66
FORWARD Trainings$15/Person$66
Book Studies$25/Person$210
National Speakers$5/Person$25/Person$50-100
First Aid/CPR**$5/Person$50/Person$74
Basic Health & Safety Trainings$77
"Healthy Children/Healthy Lives" Training Series$67
"Taking Charge of Change" Leadership Series$25/Person$319
American Management Association Business Trainings$10/Person$25/Person$525
General Business & Leadership Trainings (2-Hour Courses)$10/Person$100
Technical Assistance✔ (No Books/Resources)$37/Meeting
Resource Center$35/Hour
Training Room Usage$30/Hour$30/Hour
Website Resources-
Membership LogoN/A-

*Benefits for 1-year membership.
**Due to demand First Aid/CPR will continue to follow the current application process.

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